Ten Magical Plants In Your Own Backyard.

aHere is a list of wild plants and weeds you can forage to keep your witches cabinet stocked and for free! These are all easily found, you can’t miss them. And yes, you may even have a few of these in your backyard. I know I do! It may be easy to just pop over to amazon and order what you need and already dried and prepared for you. But why not try and get some of your own and save yourself the money. There is satisfaction in knowing you foraged your plants and dried them yourself. You put your love and energy in them and they will treat you well. Just don’t forget to give an offering back for what you have taken.

I’m going to try to keep this short as possible. We all come from different traditions, so I won’t go to deeply into the description of how these are used for my personal practice. What I use in my Slavic tradition may be different from how you use it in yours.

The ten I have listed are the ones I have easily and readily found on countryside roads, parks, trails, backyards, sidewalks and in parking lots! There are so many more you can find, just do a little research, see what you need and if it grows wild where you are. These are listed in no particular order.

Chamaemelum-German_11. Chamomile – used mostly for a calming, stress relief, anxiety, to bring peace to mild disputes. Helps with alleviating nightmares in children and adolescence.



Agrimony7AW862. Agrimony – Mostly used for breaking curses and repelling ill will towards you.  Also used to help adults with nightmares.



300px-CichoriumIntybus-plant-kl3. Chicory – helps with repairing and developing new friendships that will stay loyal. Its also used as an added ingredient to strengthen any repelling work. You can combine it with Agrimony to amplify your spells.


maxresdefault4. Clovers – Red & White– This are used for luck, money work, gambling, trick work, faithful marriages and love.

Dandelions-300x2015. Dandelion – We love to hate them, these aggressive little buggers have 2 sides of magic to them. Binding, aggressive and to quicken your work, since they multiple so quickly and keep coming back. But don’t forget they also make your wishes come true. Seems cliche, but its as old as time. What some may see as a field of weeds, others see endless wishes.

Anise-Hyssop6. Hyssop – Strong cleanser and healer. For mind, body and soul. Rejuvenates, clears out your thoughts, repels negative work and spells done towards you and protects you.

wild-cotton7. Wild Cotton – yes I said cotton, it grows wild along roadsides, its definitely there you just have to look. Used to trick and capture, cause confusion, but also used for comfort, to ease trauma and nervousness.

REH1ZThistle – Its beautiful and strong, used for love, confidence, self esteem adding strength in a positive way. Great for job interviews and new ventures. Its used for protection, especially in unknown situations.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA9.Yarrow – used for illness, injury, infection, fever, headaches, aches and pains. Its used mostly for health purposes in spell work.

comm_mtg_156_nov201110. Cedars & Junipers Berries – This is a 2 for 1 deal! Used for protection and clarity, and we use these to make smudge sticks. Juniper berries are commonly used for offerings and spells for attraction, abundance, fertility and good luck.

These listed above is just a start and what I forage for my own witch’s cabinet.  There are so many more out there available, you just have to look! You would be surprised with what you find.

The Slavic Witch


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