A Simple Cleansing Ritual For The Haunted


goetia_girls_ghost_girlSo you think you have a ghost/bad energy problem? A visitor stopping by in the middle of the night to watch you while you sleep? Things go bump in the night? Let me start by saying I get a knock on my door, emails and calls regarding this more so than anything else and how to deal.

Whether you believe you have stagnent energy, or believe in ghosts… house cleansing is a service I do not offer, ever, to anyone no matter what. I have zero interest in going into anyone’s home that I do not know, nor do I have any interest in having whatever may lurk around the corner in your house attach to me and come home with me. This is for my own safety and my family’s safety.

I do not believe in the devil, however that does not mean that bad and very negative energy does not exist. Just like there are good and bad humans, same applies to energy there are good and bad ones. Its VERY common for these energies to attach themselves to the person performing the ritual.  Its not for the faint of heart either… so if this is not something you think you can do on your own. Talk to your local priest, minister, paranormal society or to whomever you put your faith in.

Here are a few things you should not do : Do not attempt to communicate with the energy in anyway, that includes Ouija boards(spirit boards) Do not provoke the energy and try as best as you can to not be afraid. Don’t forget this is your space, not theirs. Dead people should not have the power to scare you. I know this is easy to say, and not always done.

Try to do your own cleansing before you call the professionals, its fairly simple. However if you feel you have a serious problem and have ruled out all possible reasons other than a haunting then go ahead and start looking for outside help.

I’ve listed below a few easy steps for a simple house cleansing. It may seem pretty basic but it can and does make the difference. You need to create and keep positive energy in your home.

1. Start by cleaning and clearing your house. This makes a huge impact on the energy in your home and you!  I mean really clean it. Make time in your schedule for this, it could take a day or a whole weekend. Let the light in! Open your curtains, blinds or shades. Start by doing all your laundry, bedding and curtains if you can. While the laundry is going, tidy up your closets, drawers and other closed in cabinets. Wipe down all these internal areas. Purge stuff, get rid of what you no longer need or use. Donate clothing, books, tie up loose cords, get rid of anything old and expired. Such as an old rug, blankets, plates and dying plants. Move onto vacuuming the floors, couches, chairs and area rugs. Dust all the surfaces, ceiling fans included. And last, wash the floors. Use lemon scented cleaning products and open your windows if the time of year allows it. Alternatively you can use a rosemary scented cleaning product.  If there is an area in your home that you rarely go into, or just don’t clean, start there. Its in those stagnant areas that things can lurk. When this is all done, your place should be sparkling and you should not only be able to see it, but feel it.

2. Smudging: Use a rosemary and sage smudge stick, a new one only. Plan to use the whole stick. Make sure your windows are open when you do this. Get your smudge stick smoldering well and don’t forget to keep a plate or bowl underneath it. Go into each room in your home and fill it with smoke, make it really thick so you are choking out what is there. Go over the doorways and windows and closets as well. While you are doing this, you don’t have to say or chant anything. The action and the energy you are letting out is enough. But if you feel you need to say something, say it.

3. Salt: add a protective barrier around your home inside and out. Place it along the doorways and along the edge of your home. You don’t need a thick line, just a sprinkle.

Last.. keep a small rosemary plant in your home. Every once is awhile you can rub it between your fingers to release the smell. This is a huge repellent to unwanted guests. If you can’t get your hands on a small plant. You can buy fresh sprigs of rosemary at the grocery store and keep them in all your rooms. They are easy to conceal if you don’t want random sprigs hanging around. Again, rub it in your hands to release the smell and repel!

That’s it! I am happy to answer any questions for you, listen to your story and even offer whatever guidance I can to you.

Good Luck!

10 thoughts on “A Simple Cleansing Ritual For The Haunted

  1. Great advice. Thanks. I use sage but have never really let it fill up the room too much because of smoke alarms going off. I will try using more lemon when I clean. I have a rosemary bush near my entrance door and love the smell. I have also clapped and commanded spirits to leave saying “Jesus Christ is the head of this household and you are not welcome here, now get out” and have good luck with that. I didn’t know that you should use a new smudge wand every time. What’s the significance of that?


    1. Good morning:) Ha! Smoke alarms thankfully I haven’t had that happen. That would even scare me out of the house. Lol. When a smudge stick is used for this type of purpose, the energy is only for this type of work. Smudging in general you can use the same wand. But anything that has to do with negative energies, use everything new, then get rid of it 🙂


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