Spring New Moon Ritual & Candle Magic

1New Moon again, time to light your candles, set your intentions and start fresh! New beginnings start here and time to let go whatever may have been holding you back. There are endless ways to honor the new moon, since we are entering Spring I like to add a little extra magic in my work for this Spring New Moon.

Spring New Moon candle ritual starts with grounding, renewal bath, meditation, reading and followed by candle work and an offering. Seems like a lot, but it can be as short or long as you like or altered to fit your schedule.

Its warming up outside, so why not start with grounding work. Stand barefoot and wiggle your feet into the cool wet ground and just let your roots grow and stretch out. If you don’t have an area to do that, its okay! Do it where you can at least feel the spring weather against your skin. Next move onto a warm bath, add some milk, honey and lemon to help sooth, relax and clear your mind and body. Treat yourself well, be good to your body so it serves you well. Think about your intentions, remind yourself what you are grateful for and marinate in that.

Move on to a meditation, again as long or short as you need.. Even a few deep breaths if that is all you can manage. At the end of your meditation, pull a card or rune from your favorite deck. Look at the message, read it, think about what it means to you and what its telling you.

2Lastly take the egg and hold it in your hands, put your energy in it, write your intentions on it. Set a candle on top of the egg and let the candle burn out over the egg. That egg is now your offering, give it back to the earth and be thankful for it. Bury it in your garden, if you do not have one, in a potted plant or somewhere near your home.

How To:  Warm the bottom of the candle to melt the wax and attach it to the egg. I inscribe the candle, anoint the candle with a home-made oil then roll it in fire scraping to represent the black of the dark moon.  I don’t use colored candles, I use elements from the earth for color correspondences. I’ve talked about this earlier here: Eastern European Folk Magic

Have a magical night! I hope all your New Moon wishes come true.


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