Binding Spells & Rituals- Yes or No?

aaSince there is so much talk about binding lately I thought I would dig a little deeper, I haven’t gotten into this too much on here yet. Some witches believe binding spells break the rule of “harm none”. The argument can go back and forth here about why people do it and if its done to stop self harming then its okay.. and on and on… But who can judge?

Some of us don’t even go there, others sit in the middle, then there are the other witches that go to the other side without concern. I would say I balance myself right down the middle.

I  do get requests for binding spells, that doesn’t mean that I agree to it. Before I decide, I need to know it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Most importantly, why? Its so important to know both sides of the story here, but as spell caster we rarely do. We have to rely on what we are told and hope that most of it is true. Most being the key word.

s-l225I find that what people need the most is protection work and not a binding. For example: You have a co-worker that mistreats you, talks behind your back etc…. Rather than bind that person, I don’t know this person or their side of the story or in fact if it’s even true. I would cast a protection spell for you to keep you safe specifically from them and those particular actions they do towards you. I would also suggest a casting to give you more courage to stand up for yourself.

If you choose to do your own binding spell and you are exaggerating the truth to yourself or others, your outcome may not be how you expected and you may get a few un-welcomed surprises. When you nudge the universe, it will nudge back and the universe has a good sense of humor that you may not find funny.

The Slavic Witch

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