Casting Cursing Stones

complete020.pngFridays are the days we cast our curses, or “throw” magic as we call it.  If you ever see a pile of rocks and a stick in the middle, you can bet that someone has been cursed and quite severely.

There are a lot of these rock and stake piles scattered along mountain sides, rivers and forests in eastern Europe. Some can even be found near the town squares or the town parks.

This cursing ritual may be done by an individual, couple or group of people, and it is always done to only one person at a time. So if you have a laundry list of people, start making piles, its one pile per person!

The purpose here is to punish them for the wrong they have done but in a way that “karma” or “fate” see fit. You are just adding a serious boost to what is already coming to them. There is a bit of history that it comes from the act of stoning people to death. It is not seen as an act of murder, but as an act of punishment for the crime committed against you and yours.

You will need something that will rot, so a stick will do. Set the stake in the ground so it stands upright. This stick represents the person who is being cursed. If you have any personal belongings of theirs, now is the time to attach it. Lastly, you will need rocks.

As it goes, the first person to cast the stone is the person who has been wronged, always! There is no exception to to this rule. It cannot be done on “behalf” of someone. The next stones that are cast can then be thrown from the other people who are with you and support your curse and believe in their punishment. If there are no others with you, then throw as many as you like. Don’t get caught up in numbers, all you need is one stone and the curse is cast. When you cast the stone, throw it with as much passion as you had in that moment you were hurt by this person. That energy (magic) needs to be thrown hard at them. Be sure to use their name on the first cast, and whatever words that follow afterwards. There is no right or wrong words to say, just their name is the most important.

This curse is meant to last until the stick has rotted out or broken down. Once this casting is completed, it is not to be spoken of, no part of it, not the person, not what they did, not their name. Ever. It is done. Careful casting!

The only way to undo it, is to forgive them in your own heart. It does not need to be spoken aloud, or in front of them or anyone. No public declarations. Only you who cast the curse and cast the first stone can be the only one who truly forgives the wrong that was done to you. So only you could ever now if you truly forgive them for they have done. And so… the curse stays or it does not.

The Slavic Witch

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