Spring Equinox – Balance Spell

thumbnail_IMG_20170318_160947_editWelcome Spring! Its been a long winter and I’m happy its gone, welcome to the light, warmth of the sun, budding flowers and singing birds.

Quick post here, I do a balance spell on the equinox. Life and work, its always one or the other. Here I include eggs that represent the 4 elements, I’ve wrapped each egg in the colour that represents the element. As I wrap the eggs I set my intentions into them. I added 4 pins in the middle of the candle to separate and divide day/night and as I inserted them, stated my intentions again. The gold thread in the middle of the candle to represent the equal parts of day and night and as I wrapped that thread I stated my intentions. Finally the bread the candle is set upon is the offering that is given back to the birds to carry away my wishes. If you can see each egg is bound together from the candle by the golden thread.

I really start itching this time of year to open the windows, smudge the crap out of everything and re-salt my doors and windows. I also start planting some seeds and clearing out the garden and of course the big spring clean. This is very therapeutic for me and its not done in a day, I break this up of a course of a few weekends. With each day getting a little longer and warmer it makes it a lot easier to stay up just a bit longer to enjoy all the day has to offer.

I wish you all a wonderful Spring Season.

Happy Witching!



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