Golden Egg of Prosperity & Health

thumbnail_IMG_20170311_111735_edit_editAlmost all the houses big and small that dot the tiny village along the Danube River from where we are from will have a golden egg on their mantel or altar. This egg is the most requested talisman/charm/spell that I receive. And so did my grandmother and her mother before her.

In eastern European folk magic these golden eggs are mostly used for prosperity, health, fertility and new ventures. These eggs are taken very seriously and it is quite common if you are receiving guests that you would be gifted a golden egg. It is regarded as a very high honor, this golden egg would’ve been prepared by the village witch or the family witch and passed onto you.

Eggs can be given for many occasions such as: new babies, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, friends or family that you have not seen in a long time, someone with poor health, someone with poor finances, anyone starting a new path such as a job, schooling, relationship, new home or the family’s patron saint day. You can have one egg to represent the whole home and family, or an egg for each member that is prepared for their specific requests.

And yes, you can have more than one egg in your home, they don’t last forever but surprisingly they last long enough. These eggs are never to be thrown out, but buried in your yard. No yard? That’s okay, bury it in a potted plant in your home. Don’t have a plant? Get one! It is not considered bad luck if the egg breaks, its simple done its work and its time to be buried.

As much as I would like to share with you how these eggs are prepared, this is talisman that has been passed down from a several generations of village witches and it is not passed on lightly.

I am happy to answer an questions you may have. I am open with  most of my spells and work that I do. I was taught and still do believe that it is important to share with others and learn from others as well.  I would like to think my blog is here as a resource of information for eastern European folk magic and I hope that you discover something you are looking for. I am always open to dialogue to further help and assist and learn. What good is the world if we can’t learn and helps from one another.

The Slavic Witch


15 thoughts on “Golden Egg of Prosperity & Health

  1. Intriguing post. You’ve made me want one for my mantle on the stone fireplace that’s in my cottage that is resting in my vision while I explore the world now. I hope you’ll put all of your knowledge into a book. 🌺

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