More Mirrors, More Magic. mirrors can amplify the energy in your spells, candle magic and circle casting. Working with mirrors during spells are typically used for reversing spells & revealing work. There are other instances they are used for, but that is a case by case basis. Mirrors are also used for adding extra charge to your crystals, charms, talismans, moon water & other curios.

But it doesn’t stop there, if you cast circles you can keep mirrors on the outside of the circle to help keep bad energy out and increase your protection. Or place the mirrors on the inside of the circle facing you to amplify your casting.acircle3

They can also be used when you are working with “poppets” although I don’t work with traditional cloth poppets. (I use potatoes, more on the in another post.) You can add the mirrors so they reflect back on your lutka(doll/poppet) to increase the work you are sending back to that person or doing for that person.

Writing on your mirrors is a good way to keep that magic you are working on in the area you need it the most. Write your peticija(petition) and place your candle on the mirror is a simple way of doing candle magic quickly if you have nothing else on hand.

Adding mirrors to your altar in general is good idea, it will increase the light and spread it! Which is always a good thing, you can also keep tiny mirrors hanging around doorways and windows just like crystals.

The Slavic Witch



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