Moon Water – Charging Water & Curio’s

tumblr_lsgib5Dq8l1qjuhr4o1_500Full Moon weekend and if the skies are clear where you are you could get 3 days of Full Moon light to charge your water, crystals, charms, coins and other curios. This is a great time to cleanse and charge whatever you may need until the next full moon. If you use fresh flowers as part of your offerings, then add fresh cut flowers to one pot. This works well if you have spell work during the full moon phase or that week since fresh flowers wont last long.  Take a few minutes to plan ahead, think of the work you may need to do until the next full moon, what items you will need to work with.

This is very easy, I use black pots but any colour will work  and a few small mirrors. You can grab a few of them in the craft section at your local dollar store.

List of Supplies:

  1. pots, cups, bowls, glasses. depends on how much you want to make
  2. silver coins, a few for each pot
  3. small mirrors, a couple for each pot
  4. crystals, just make sure they are not water soluble
  5. any other curios you have that you want to include
  6. fresh flowers, fruits or vegetables

awaterFill each pot with water, if you have a stream or creek nearby use that water.  If not, tap water works. Add your coins and mirrors to each pot, you could add a clear quartz to each pot as well. Or just add all your crystals in one pot so they cleanse and charge in their own pot of moon water.

Place the pots outside if you can, or somewhere where the moonlight will reach them. The purpose of the mirrors is to reflect the moonlight inside the pots and keep it strong and hold it there. You can keep those coins and mirrors that have absorbed the moon light in your purse or use them on your altar along with the fruits and vegetables for your offerings.

Once you have everything set up, take a few moments to be quiet, say a thankful prayer to the moon and leave an offering for the moon. Be grateful for the water you have and her light to charge it.

After a full night, all you do is bottle up all that moon water and now you have charged water on hand to use anytime you need it.

Have a great Full Moon Weekend!


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