Top Ten Crystals To Get You Started

7a780dc67bf0642d21fa70fccab682f5Its easy to collect an abundance of crystals for any purpose that suits your wants and needs. They can be healing, grounding, soothing or simply just eye pleasing. Here I have rounded out the top 10 crystals I keep near me or on me. Not all at the same time, but they are part of my daily in’s and outs. As much as I would like to carry a suitcase of crystals with me, its just not realistic. I have a small collection, still more than I likely need but they serve me well and when I need them. They are readily available and not expensive except in the larger variety. This is a great place to start, but keep exploring, there is so much information out there and ways to use them. There isn’t just one way, you can learn a lot from a lot of different people and books. Have fun with your crystals, love them and they will serve you well.

  1. AgateApricotAgate – There are many agates to be listed, so I will just do a general round up here.Excellent grounding stones. Self accepting stone, if your feeling a bit down on yourself this one will help. It soothes and calms you down helping you stay clear headed to make good decisions. Agates come in many colours: clear, white, green, pink, brown and amber. This is a great stone to dig a little deeper since there are so many varieties. You can find one that’s right for you and attune it to your needs.


aam2. Amazonite – Great stone to have around when mercury retrograde comes around. This is a strong filtering stone, clears the way between you and your computer, cellphone any sort of electromagnetic pollution. Keep one sitting on your keyboard at work or on top of your cellphone on your bedside table.  This stone

helps sooth the nerves and brain of all the thoughts that get transmitted through our electronics. Helps ease your daily worries and stress. These stones can vary slightly in colour

aaq3. Aquamarine -Need a bit more gumption and guts, this one packs a powerful punch. This stone is for courage, faith and calmness. In times when we need to do things that make us uncomfortable are nerves can get the better of us and we need courage. This stone does both, cools us down before we jump. If you are particularly sensitive this is a good stone to keep on you. It will help you with speaking up and speaking clearly making yourself be heard. When you need courage keep this stone close, it will help you put one foot in front of the other and trust you are doing the right thing.

Black Tourmaline4. Black Tourmaline -This stone forms a shield of protection around your body. It cleanses, purifies and turns heavy energy into a lighter energy. Hold it in the palm of your hand and let it do its work and clean you right up. This is also a great stone to have handy during mercury retrograde, all that electromagnetic energy around us needs to be cleared. A good stone to keep on you if you feel that someone has ill intentions towards you. Or you are around a lot of negative people and situations. Great stone for first responders, and high stress situations.

carnelian5. Carnelian – Acts as an anchor, stabilizer and grounds you. Its a motivator and a simulator. It helps you trust your guts and strengthens intuition. Helps with clarity, focus and concentration. Its a protector and dispels anger and resentment as well as fear, particularly fear of death or injury.  This is also a self cleansing stone and cleanses other stones. If you have an important project or meeting and you need to stay on top of your game and focused, this is the one for you. Afraid of flying? Bring this one with you.

citrine-stones-1024x4916. Citrine -A super cleanser, you can leave this one and forget about it. Citrine takes care of itself. A happy stone. Absorbs and dissipates negative energy, making it protective to you and your environment. Citrine is an energizer, always balancing and activating your chakras. Raises your self esteem and self confidence. Citrine is a stone of abundance, wealth and all good things. Keep these stones in your purse, office and home to invite abundance in all those areas. You will often see these stones used in prosperity work. Want to keep the money flowing? Place this stone in the farthest deepest point of your home. Brings in money and keeps it there.

aem7. Emerald -The stone of patience and inspiration. This stone can be used with long spell work that requires patience to continue. Also helps with having patience towards others not just yourself.  This is also a stone of partnership, keeps a happy home, nurtures friendships with close ones and co-workers. Its all about keeping the peace and balance with those you love and keep close. Any small quarrels with those you love and in your home, use this stone to help smooth out the ruffles. Not seeing eye to eye with your co-worker or neighbors, this one should do the trick.

ajet8. Jet -A stone of protection that is used by many people who practice the craft. It protects you from any unwanted entities. This stone is used to calm your fears pertaining to un-welcomed entities. It will also keep you safe as you go further into your spiritual journey. Definitely a spiritual stone to keep your alter and other spaces clear and safe.

turquoise-tumbled-stone-gemstone-crystal-healing-rock-wiccan-supplies_205804969. Turquoise –Its a strong healing and strengthening stone, mind, body and spirit. An all around do everything stone covers all the basics kind of stone. Balances your chakras, enhances your physical intuition and it will help promote spiritual intuition and meditation. It also helps dissipate negative energy from the environment around you.  Finally this stone is beneficial to those how suffer from fatigue/exhaustion bouts of depression, mild panic attacks, mood swings and nervous jitters.

aclear_quartz10. Clear Quartz -I suppose this one should be first. If you are to every own one crystal, this would be it. But since I worked in alphabetical order it landed at number 10. There are many varieties of Quartz, so if you want to keep your crystal collection simple you could just stick with Quartz varieties. Rose quartz another very popular crystal is used for attracting love and peace, combine it with emerald and that ensures that you keep the love and peace you attracted to you. Smoky Quartz is another great one, excellent from grounding. Back to Clear Quartz..Possibly the most powerful healer, protector and energy increaser of them all. This stone is known to absorb, regulate and release energy. A highly vibrational stone that is able to work with your specific energy. It aligns itself with you, stimulates your immune system, strong healing qualities for both your physical and spiritual self. Its also cleanses itself and other stones.  Hold this crystal in your palm and keep it there for a short meditation, keep it near you whatever you need, its vibration will attune with yours and help you harmonize.

This is just a start. Have fun, explore and learn.

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