Top 3 Ways to Decorate like a Witch

ahouseAlthough most of us would like to live in a home like this one, its just not a real possibility. So here are few ideas to help you get your home, room or your office in witchy tip top shape. These are great for those of use that like to keep things a bit more private. So if you find yourself with a lot of guests and don’t want to worry about putting “it” all away, this just might be right for you.  You wont find hanging pentacles, animal bones or toads lying around. But a black cat would be perfect!

Lets get started!


CANDLES in my book are the number 1 way to add that charm and magic into our home. This sets the mood from the moment you or your guests walk into your home. Whether they are lit or not, they add a certain warm, welcoming and witchy charm. And no one is the wiser! I keep a combination on battery operated candles that are on timers and real candles throughout our home. I prefer the look and feel of a real flame, but I have to keep it real I’ve forgotten a candle or two in my time and fallen asleep. So I prefer to keep the real deal going when I know I am awake and alert and at home.  Oh and that I know I will walk by a hundred times, so its impossible to forget! Setting tea lights in small glass holders creates a warm ambiance you are looking for. That’s an option if you prefer the smaller type candles and keep it encased in glass, its fairly safe even if you cant attend to it every minute while it burns. Burn time is typically only 2 hours.

alanternFor the battery operated ones, I keep them in glass hurricane jars with rocks, crystals or sand. I keep them in book cases as well. So every night my home lights up with the warm glow of them. Once the weather warms up, I have a dozen or so lanterns that I keep on my front porch, stairs, and back deck. I get that beautiful warm glow inside and out. Give your home some charming curb appeal with a few lanterns and potted plants surrounding them. If you live in an apartment or a space that doesn’t allow it, a small simple lantern in your front entry way may do the trick. You can find a variety of lanterns even at the dollar store.


atwinkleLastly I would like to include twinkle lights! There are so many options out there and cheap ones too. So if candles are just not your thing and you don’t want to invest in battery operated candles, twinkle lights will give you the magic you are looking for. Wrap them around decorative branches, put them inside glass hurricanes, book cases and even outside your front door in potted plants or small trees. These look beautiful all year around every night.

Next up… CRYSTALS7a780dc67bf0642d21fa70fccab682f5


What a beautiful and easy way to add magic into your home. The possibilities are endless!

color-correspondencces-for-candle-magicYou can start adding them around your candles, colour co-ordinate them, or set them by the use the crystal has to offer. And if anyone questions it, simple state they are just pretty and you wanted them. Crystals are cheap and you can find them just about anywhere. So its not some strange curio that your guests will start questioning you about. Besides you would be surprised how many people have crystal collections, they just don’t talk about it. You can get them in all shapes and sizes, keep in mind the larger the specimen the more expensive they can get.

acrystalThey look beautiful in potted plants, better than plain old dirt. And what plant doesn’t love to get a little crystal love in their soil. All my plants have a light layer of crystals on top just covering the dirt. Again you can vary the sizes and colours, put one or 2 and however many you like! Spread them out around your home, night stands, kitchen hearth, bathrooms, bookcases, coffee tables and anywhere else that may be looking a bit sparse.

3d686176331db416ba39e054e08b8004Lets not forget that even a simple display of crystals sitting out is beautiful just the way it is. You can find displays like this one fairly cheap and place them anywhere. Try it on a coffee table, or side table beside a stack of gardening and astrology books. Beside some plants, dining room side table or in front of a window to catch the light.

Since we are talking plants… Lets move onto to number 3! PLANTS


More specifically herbs. They are life, they are what we use daily in our food and our craft. I’ve always been taught to keep rosemary and lavender at the front door, porch steps, or point of entry into someone’s abode. Most people prefer to keep them in the kitchen, so why not start there. You can set a couple herb plants on a raised platter with some oil and salt. To anyone coming in, it simply adds to the hearth décor without questions. If you have the space you can always hang herbs to dry out as well. Adds a really nice whimsical touch.  And don’t forget your Mortar and pestle! No witch has ever gone without one.amortar

I hope this is a start for you, this topic is endless and there are so many ways to make your home more magical.  You can always add additional touches to your home by adding a homemade besom(broom) or books on gardening, astrology, astronomy, crystals and of course an almanac.

Have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Top 3 Ways to Decorate like a Witch

      1. You’re welcome. I’m taking Katrina Raphael’s crystal healer course. She wrote crystal enlightenment trilogy. I believe a lot of it was channeled.


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