New Moon – Set Your Intentions


Its the New Moon! As the saying goes, plant your seeds now and watch your intentions grow.

I try to do a New Moon ritual every few months, to set my intentions for the month or until the next full moon. I include my written prayer/petition and prepare my candle. As I mentioned before, I don’t use coloured candles, so to represent the new moon in black I dress it. First I start by inscribing my candle with symbols, words and intentions. Then I dress the candle with a citrus oil, to clear the way and start fresh. Finally I roll it in black soot/ scrapings or whatever you want to call it, that I keep from my personal ritual fires. I then set the candle, surround it first with salt along with other herbs/flowers that correspond with my set intentions.


Such a great time of year to celebrate New Moon with the spring season so close. Start a little early on your spring cleaning, re-organize a closet or drawers, donate clothing, clear out your space to let the fresh new energy in. Take a moment to stand outside and just be grateful. Take time for yourself, you deserve it.

Have a magical day!


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