So your interested in having a little trick up your sleeve

Just to give Nature a push in the right direction

…for if it is right…it will happen…

You want someone to fall madly in love with you

It’s all in the power of your mind

Some might believe using a Love Spell is an unfair advantage for the SpellCaster

And maybe…it is

But after all it’s your life to do with it as you please

The only true sin is not living your life to the fullest

One thing you must possess to perform a Love Spell is be open to love

For a closed heart will cancel out every attempt!


Periwinkle is known as the Sorcerers’ Violet

It is impossible to deny love and passion when Periwinkle is used

To make your lover more passionate sprinkle Periwinkle under the…

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Dark Moon Magick

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

The dark moon is easily one of the strongest moon phases in terms of energy and presence. I wanted to put together some ideas of easy and practical ways that you can use the energy of the dark moon to your advantage for magickal practice.

  • DARK MOON WATER: this water is definitely different from traditional moon water and won’t be for the use of everybody. Most Wicca who practice magick will not find this ideal. Dark moon water is water cleansed and charged under the dark moon for use in dark spells. Dark spells include anything from hexes to curses to binding somebody. Dark moon water will shine a tight focus on the justice you seek.
  • SLEEP: sleep in, take a nap, or go to bed early. The dark moon phase is a great time to let your body rest and recharge itself.
  • MEDITATE: focus on stilling and grounding your…

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This is some very olde Majik as the bottle would hold a Majik Spell as long as the seal of the bottle remained unbroken

A small Spell Bottle could be held in ones pocket or hand bag for an important meeting ~ interview ~ or just protection to venture out into society

Once the Spell has been sealed within the bottle is would be buried on a person’s property or buried in a potted plant

It can also be placed discreetly within the homeThat decision will be up to you according to the Spell performed inside of it

In this bottle a Majik Spell has been cast in the form of physical items which are used to ensure that the Spell results in the desired outcomeYou can use a Spell Bottle for


You will need to…

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How to Stock a Magical Cupboard for Your Witch’s Practice.

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

The magical cupboard, the secret garden, the private journal, the mysterious woman slipping silently through the woods—these words may waken something within you, something that stirs deep within, a knowing so ancient that you may wish to turn away, or determine to explore further.

Are we not all fascinated by what makes the colors change on the tree, or the tides turn, or the herb give up its healing strength? Did we not, as children, devour books on fairies and magic, and create potions that only our mothers would drink? Were you one of those children who just knew that everything was “real”? Do you remember how you felt when you were a child, full of wonder and hope, knowing that all of creation is magical, and that everything has consciousness?

If you have forgotten, but want to remember, against the odds, against all admonitions, that…

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I seem to Smudge more in the warmer months perhaps due to the opening up of the windows and finally receiving some fresh cool air…

Or the availability of the new buds to pluck along with fresh growth of leaves to snip to start in the drying out process

So during my journey today I began my collecting of some herbs and plants and was looking for some Smudging Prayers to go along with it

I seem to have much better days where things go my way rather than not when I begin everyday with a positive clearing and a simple few words to sayThe Olde Timers call them just a bundle of dried herbs rolled all together and bound with string and they would be correct

We use this traditional Native American practice called Smudge Sticks to purify ourselves our homes and our place of work

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